The Advent of the Weed Eater

Before we saw the advent of the weed eaters, gardeners used to clip their lawns either by hand or with hand-held tools. Afterward, in 1972, an exceptional innovation was introduced to this world. Commonly known as a weed eater, string trimmer, weed whacker, this stupendous lawn care invention helps the gardeners to cut grasses, weeds etc. by using a nylon string.

The Inspiration

George Ballas, a Houston based businessman, was the mastermind behind this innovation. He was at a car wash when this amazing thought came into his mind. When he saw that the nylon brushes washed his car without causing any damage, he got enthralled. Later on, he contrived a prototype by making use of a popcorn can tin with some radio wire connected to a lawn edger. After giving it a few unsuccessful attempts, he finally came up with the right idea, from where a weed eater started its infancy journey of developments.

The Development

Eventually, Ballas took the assistance of a mechanical expert to create a perfect model of a weed eater. Some versions of a string trimmer include a combustion engine which works on gas. Other versions are powered by electricity, some work on a battery, and now, propane-powered trimmers have come into existence. George Ballas was the initiator of this idea; he introduced this innovation to the world. Later in 1970’s the promotions of the weed eater began on television as well. With no exceptions, weed eater was a solution to a plethora of garden-related issues. With a string trimmer, you can easily trim in areas which are otherwise difficult to reach.


This tool was one of the biggest hits of its time. In 1976, its annual selling was $40 million. Then the weed eater was brought into limelight among the national audience through television. Its sales eventually topped to $80 million by 1977.


Until 1979, the ownership of the weed eater was confined to Ballas. In 1979, Ballas sold his business to Emerson. Later on, it was merged with Poulan. Afterward, in 1986 Emerson and Poulan sold their business to a person named Electrolux.

Weed Eater – a phenomenal innovation

A weed eater has gained stupendous recognition and is now widely used by innumerable people. You must check some string trimmer reviews before buying one.

Earlier the process of trimming was immensely grueling; even a simple gardening task required a lot of effort. Additionally, it was too time-consuming. Soon after the string trimmer came, gardening became a child’s play. George Ballas did know there was a better approach to perform this task, and there surely was. The filix suggests that a weed eater effectively reduces a gardener’s effort. George Ballas is now known as “the Weed King” since he introduced the world to such an exceptional innovation. The weed eater brand is not just limited to the string trimmers now, but it also includes lawn mowers, snow blowers, hedge trimmers etc.

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